User Tracking for WooCommerce

Overview #

The User Tracking Plugin for WooCommerce unlocks the user data tracking capabilities of your store. With its help, you may view country-wise user visits and acquisition source details in your administrator dashboard and orders page(s), respectively.

Tracking of User Visits Data

Depending upon the preference, store owners can enable an Admin Dashboard Widget with user visit history of the Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 28 days, or all time. You can set the number of countries to be enlisted in this widget, sorted by users’ visit counts.

Tracking of the User Acquisition Source Data

The user tracking plugin will let you track referer and referer type per order. You may see the collected data on WooCommerce > Orders page and as meta-boxes on individual order pages.

The Benefits of Using the User Tracking Plugin in WooCommerce #

Using this plugin can be advantageous for an eCommerce store in multiple ways, such as:

Know your Geography-wise Performance

With the help of this Booster plugin, you will be able to understand your shop’s traffic better. By separating user count by country, it will be easy for you to figure out if your products are visible in target countries as per your expectation or not.

Identity the top-performing User Acquisition Means for your store

As the User Tracking plugin allows you to track the referer links, you can analyze how different marketing channels and referers are performing. As per the analysis, you may come up with a better promotion and marketing strategy for your shop.

Reward Referer Partners without Difficulties

If your store has some kind of referer program, tracking the referers’ performance will be easier with the user tracking plugin for WooCommerce. It can capture all referer data and collect the proof of referers’ user-acquisition related success for you.

How to Install the User Tracking Plugin for WooCommerce? #

  • To get started with the User Tracking Plugin for your WooCommerce store, you must install and activate the Booster for WooCommerce Plugin first.
  • Now, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Booster in your store using the administrator login credentials.
  • Go to the EMAIL & MISC. category to view the related Booster modules.
  • Click on the User Tracking link to open the User Tracking Plugin Settings.
  • Select Enable Module for the User Tracking option in the User Tracking Module Options section.
  • Click on the Save Changes button, present at the bottom of the plugin settings page.

How to Tracking User Visits Count by Country? #

  • Scroll down to the Options > Countries by Visits input fields on the WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > EMAIL & MISC. > User Tracking plugin settings page.
  • Select the Enable Admin Dashboard Widget option.
  • Select the duration details to show the user tracking information in the Info field. 
  • In the Top countries field, enter the number of countries with the top visitor count you would like to view in the administrator dashboard widget for User Tracking.
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

Note: Please remember, you can select multiple durations in the Info field in order to add a data table for each of the duration. It will help you analyze your shop’s performance better.


Administrator Dashboard Preview: User Tracking Widget

How to Track User Acquisition Source Data (Referer Info) in WooCommerce? #

  • Select Enable for the option Track Orders in the Options section.
  • It will add a meta-box named “Booster: Acquisition Source on each order details page for the administrator.
  • Select the Orders List Columns: Referrer checkbox to add a column named “Referer” on your WooCommerce > Orders page that enlists all orders. It will display referer details to the administrator.
  • Select the Orders List Columns: Referrer Type checkbox to add a column named “Referer Type” on your WooCommerce > Orders page. It will specify the referer type.
  • Click on the Save Changes button to enable these settings for your online store.

Orders Dashboard Preview: Additional Columns “Referer” and “Referer Type”

Individual Order Page Preview: Booster: Acquisition Source Meta-box

Reset User Tracking Plugin Settings #

To remove the Admin Dashboard Widget, Orders page referer information, and individual order pages Acquisition Source meta-box at once, click on the Reset Settings button on the plugin settings page. The main function of this button is to restore the plugin’s default settings.

You will have to ensure that Javascript is enabled in your browser, as clicking this button will trigger a browser alert. Select Ok when the alert box appears.

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