My Account in WooCommerce

Overview #

The My Account Plugin for WooCommerce is your one-stop option to customize Shop > My Account settings, sections, pages, menu item names, and capabilities. Using this Booster plugin, you can –

  • Add option(s) for Buyers to Set Order Status on their own;
  • Set a Default user role;
  • Add an option to let the User choose a role while registering to the online store;
  • Rename your My Account menu items;
  • Add custom menu items to My Account page;
  • Reorder menu items;
  • Add custom pages and their endpoints;
  • Customize dashboard content;
  • Add custom information blocks.

How to Install the “My Account” Plugin for a WooCommerce Store? #

  • Download Booster for WooCommerce.
  • Once it is installed and activated, you will see a tab named Booster in WooCommerce > Settings.
  • In this tab, click on the EMAILS & MISC. link.
  • Go to My Account and select Enable Module for the My Account option.
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

General Options #

In the General Options section, store administrators will find the options to enable their customers or other user roles with extra capabilities. For example, you can let the customers set the order status or allow any user role to set their new user role through the registration form.

Add Order Status Options #

You may select one or multiple order statuses in this field from the available options (Pending payment, On hold, Cancelled, Refunded, Completed, Processing, and Failed).

Through the front end of the store, your customers will be able to set order status among the values entered in the above field.

For example, on enabling the Add Order Status Options for the status “On hold”, your customers will see an additional button with the label “On hold” on the Home > Orders page in your shop.

Shop Preview: Orders Page with an order that has “On Hold” Button

On clicking the On hold button, the status of the order will change to On hold.

Similarly, if you will enable the Add Order Status Options for the status “Cancelled”, your buyers will see an option Cancelled on the Orders page.

Add User Role Selection to Registration Form #

Select Enable for the Add User Role Selection to Registration Form option if you want to change the default user role for your shop, or wish to make a list of user roles available for end-users at the time of registration.  

  • Select a role from the dropdown list to make it the Default User Role type.
  • In the User Role Options field, select the user roles that a person, while registering to your shop through the frontend could select as its user role.

For example, if you want to let people register on your eCommerce shop as Customer or Shop Manager, select both options in the User Role options field and select the Default user role as “guest”.

Frontend Preview: Registration Form for the Guest User with an Option to Select User Role

Menu & Endpoints Options #

If you want to be creative and impress your visitors or customers, it is easy when the My Account Plugin is installed on your store. Go to the Menu & Endpoint Options section and it will let store owners rename all the menus in their WooCommerce store for the My Account Page. Besides this, you can also change the order of menu items and add custom menu items from this section.

Note: Visit WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Page setup > Account endpoints to disable menu items.

How to Rename Menu items in your WooCommerce Store > My Account? #

  • Select Enable Section for the Customize Menu & Endpoints option.
  • Enter the desired new label for the menu items as you prefer. To retain the existing menu item label, leave the respective field blank.
    • Dashboard 
    • Orders
    • Downloads
    • Addresses
    • Payment Methods
    • Edit Account / Account Details
    • Logout
    • View Order 
    • Lost Password 

Store Preview: Renamed the “Dashboard” tab as “New Dashboard”

How to Change the Menu Order in your Online Store > My Account Page? #

To change the order of menu items or tabs for the “My Account” page in your eCommerce store, do the following:

  • In the Menu & Endpoints Options section, select Enable for the Customize Menu Order option.
  • In the Menu order text area, rearrange the menu items, keeping one item per row.

How to add Custom Menu Items on the My Accounts Page? #

  • Select Enable for the Add Custom Menu Items option.
  • Enter the custom menu details one per line. The format is: shop|Shop|/shop/

Input: shop|Shop|/shop/

Store Preview: A Custom Menu Item “Shop” Added to the My Account Page for Buyers

How to Create Custom Pages Linked to My Account Page in WooCommerce? #

While using the My Account Plugin – Booster for WooCommerce, you can create custom WooCommerce pages and add them as tab/menu item on your My Account page. For this:

  • In the Custom Pages section, click Enable Section for the Custom Pages option. 
  • Enter the number of custom pages to be created in the Total Pages input field.
  • Click on the Save Changes button, placed next to the input field.
  • Click on the Save Changes button, placed at the bottom of the page. 

For each of the custom pages you are creating, do the following:

  • Set a page Title.
  • Add an Endpoint, e.g. the page’s local address or slug.
  • Enter the content (HTML is accepted) in the Content text area.

Repeat the same for all the pages to be created, and click on the Save Changes button.


Store Preview: A custom page with title “New Page” and Endpoint “Page One” Loaded

How to Add Custom Dashbaord Content to Store’s “My Account” Page? #

If you want to customize My Account > Dashboard page in the WooCommerce shop on the frontend, use the options in the Dashbaord Customization section.

  • Select Enable Section for the Dashboard Customization option checkbox.
  • To add custom content on the top of the Shop Dashboard in the My Account section, enter your content (HTML-formatted) in the Custom Dashboard Content input field.
  • Select Hide “Hello …” Message option checkbox to make the “Hello, <username>” text invisible for your store.
  • Select Hide “From your account dashboard …” Message option checkbox to hide this message from the My Account > Dashboard page.


Store Preview: A Dashboard Page with Custom Content 

How to Create Info Blocks For My Account Page (or Related Tabs)? #

The Custom Info Blocks section lets you add extra information sections in various locations within the Shop’s Home > My Account sections and pages. You can add multiple info blocks using the options present in this section, enabled through the My Account Page.

  • Select Enable Section for the Custom Info Blocks.
  • Enter the Total Blocks count to specify the number of blocks you want to add to the My Account section page(s).
  • For each of the Info Block:
    • Enter the content to be displayed in the Content input field.
    • Select the Position of the Info block. Your options are:
Account content
Account dashboard
Account navigation
After account downloads
After account navigation
After account orders
After account payment methods
After available downloads
After customer login form
After edit account address form
After edit account form
After my account
Before my account
Available download end
Available download start
Available downloads
Before account downloads
Before account navigation
Before account orders
Before account orders pagination
Before account payment methods
Before Available downloads
Before customer login form
Before edit account address form
Before edit account form
Edit account form
Edit account form end
Edit account form start
Login form
Login form end
Login form start
Lost password form
Register form
Register form end
Register form start
Reset password form
View order
  • Set the Position Order (i.e. Priority) if you want to change the order of Info Block on its position, in case multiple sections are being added to the same position.

Store Preview: A Custom Info Block on the Dashboard Page

Reset Settings #

To restore My Account Plugin’s default settings, click on the Reset Settings button.


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