WooCommerce Prices and Currencies by Country

Overview #

Improve the user experience for buyers in your global eCommerce store by automating the selection of store currency. You can also let the buyers choose or change the store currency as per their choice, in case they want. All you need to do, in order to enable this functionality, is to enable the Prices and Currencies by Country Module from your Booster settings. 

This module can work beyond the product page and override the currency selection for checkout billing or shipping country. Alternatively, the store administrator may choose to restore the default store currency on checkout. 

The most significant capabilities of the WooCommerce Prices and Currencies by Country module are:

  • Automatic customer country detection by User IP and/or User Selection;
  • Using customer’s shipping or billing country to select the currency;
  • Revert user’s currency to stores default currency on checkout;
  • Auto-set the default checkout billing country;
  • Round the product prices after currency conversion;
  • Subtract a tiny amount from rounded price to enable pretty prices (e.g., $9.99, $7.98);
  • Enable countries globally as well as per-product;
  • Add country boxes with respective national flags while you let users select the country;
  • Disable crawling of country-wise prices by search engine bots;
  • Autogenerate Groups as per all countries and currencies in Booster;
  • Autogenerate Groups for all the PayPal-supported countries;
  • Set automatic or manual exchange rates.

The module can be made to work with the following WordPress or WooCommerce components:

  • Quick Edit (For administrators)
  • Price Filter Widget
  • Sorting by Price feature
  • Free Shipping
  • WooCommerce Coupons
  • Woo Discount Rules
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Step-by-Step Guide to Enabling the Prices and Currencies by Country for WooCommerce #

  1. Install the Booster for WooCommerce plugin and activate it. Ignore this step if you are already using Booster.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings through the menu in the sidebar.
  3. Click on Booster and from the Booster tab, go to the Prices & Currencies section.
  1. For the Prices and Currencies by Country module, click on the Settings link.
  2. On the newly-opened page, select the Enable Module checkbox for the Prices and Currencies by Country option.
  3. Click on the Save Changes button.

Enabling Price by Country Settings for your WooCommerce Store #

The Price by country options section in the module’s settings dashboard has various options for defining how the product price currency will be selected for a customer and on which pages will it be shown. Besides, the section has features, such as, price rounding, pretty prices, and per-product ‘price by country’ too. 

You can provide input values or make selections for the functionalities that are important for your eCommerce store. Let’s see each option one by one below:

  • Customer Country Detection Method

You may enable the auto-detection by User IP or let your users select their location on their own. Alternatively, you can set this method’s value to ‘by IP, then by user selection’. In this case, the IP will be auto-detect for your buyers to improve the user experience, while the buyer has the privilege to change store currency as per his preference.

For the options ‘by IP, then by user selection’ and ‘by user selection’, you will have to render the country list on the frontend. It will take the user input (Country name). 

Use this shortcode to do so:

  • Override Country Options

This option lets you select whether or not, for the All Site pages or Checkout Only, the country’s value needed to be overridden. 

  • Selecting the No Override option will disable the overriding for you.
  • Choosing Override quantity with customer’s checkout billing country means selecting the billing currency as the products’ pricing currency for the Override Scope.
  • Choosing Override quantity with customer’s checkout shipping country means selecting the shipping currency as the products’ pricing currency for the Override Scope.

Note: If you will use the “Override” option for people who have made purchases from your store before, this functionality will work for all your store’s pages.

  • Revert Currency to Default on Checkout

Enable this option to make sure that no matter what currency is shown on which page, the checkout is allowed in the store’s default currency only. It is a good option when your store sells in limitation of just one currency.

  • Auto set Default Checkout Billing country

Select the Enable checkbox for this option when you want to let your buyer perform the checkout with currency as per his billing country. This option is useful when the buyer has a few payment options and his billing history available.

  • Price Rounding

Rounding the product price, especially after currency conversion, is what most eCommerce business owners prefer. It improves the price’s readability and interests the buyer more. 

With the WooCommerce Prices and Currencies by Country module, your rounding options are – No Rounding (no changes in the price), Round (rounded price), Round Up (rounding off the price as per the Ceiling function), and Round Down (rounding off the price as per the Floor function).

  • Make Pretty Price

It is human psychology that we will prefer buying a product at $99 but will find a product worth $100 costly. The reason behind this behavior is that we notice the number of digits in a number before actually reading it. So, a product price will one digit less will sell more.

Similar is true for the products with just a $0.01 price difference. For example, a product with a rate of $80.5 vs. $79.99 will sell more at the latter price.

The prices like $99, $99.99, $7.99, $79.99 are called Pretty Prices and are created by subtracting a minimum amount (e.g. $0.05, $0.01, etc.) from the product price. Using the WooCommerce Prices and Currencies by Country module of Booster, one can easily enable pretty prices.

Just specify a small amount to be multiplied by 1/100 before subtracting it from the product’s price.

Price = Round (Converted Product Price) – (Discount Min Amount Multiplier * 0.01)

  • Add Countries Flag Images to Select Dropdown Box

Enabling this option will add respective flag icons for each country in the country-selection dropdown list (created using the ‘wcj_country_select_drop_down_list’ shortcode) or country switcher widget.

Here is an example of how the country-selection dropdown will appear with and without the flags of countries in the list.

  • Search Engine Bots

If you will select the Disable Price by Country for Bots, the search engines will show the original pricing of the product on crawling and rendering your product pages. When not selected, prices as per the Prices and Currencies by Country settings will be shown.

WooCommerce Price by Country on Per Product Basis (Price by Country Options) #

While the above & below explained settings are global and will work for the products throughout the store, the Prices and Currencies by Country module also lets you specify a different configuration for your products.

Enable the Price by Country on per Product Basis option in the Price by Country Options section to get started with per-product price-by-country settings.

You may specify the following details about this functionality from the module’s settings dashboard:

  • Position in the Product Page (Edit Mode) 

The price by country options can be added in the Product Data > General section of your product page (in the editor). For this, your selection has to be Inline). Select the separate meta box option to display these options separately.

  • User Role based Visibility 

Select the user roles, for which, your per-product settings must work. Leave this field empty to enable the functionality for all user roles alike.

Configuring the Price by Country on Per Product Basis in WooCommerce

Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Open a product page in your WooCommerce store in the editor.
  • For each of your country groups, specify the following details:
    • A regular price
    • A sale price
    • Whether or not to make the prices ‘empty’ (when you wish to tell customized quotes on customer inquiry rather than determining a fixed price for all.
  • Update the page in Editor and view the changes in your WooCommerce store after refreshing the related product page.

Note: Refer to the ‘Country Groups’ section to learn creating country groups using the Prices and Currencies by Country module of the Booster for WooCommerce plugin.

  1. Price by Country Functionality added Inline for a Product Page
  1. Price by Country Functionality as a separate Booster Meta Box for your Products

Compatibility Settings  #

The WooCommerce Prices And Currencies By Country module allow WooCommerce-powered stores to function in collaboration with the following modules, plugins, widgets, or settings when required:

  1. Disable Quick Edit Product For Admin Scope

Tick this checkbox when you do not want to update the price on quick edit by store administrators. It will ensure that your per-product prices by country settings remain unaffected.

  1. Price Filter Widget and Sorting by Price Support

Enabling this option will calculate the product prices for the price filter widget and Sorting By Price through the price by country settings.

  1. Free Shipping

Enable this setting to see if the WooCommerce-native free shipping method is applicable on the product and to convert the minimum amount if that’s the case.

  1. WooCommerce Coupons

Use the user’s country to determine the currency for the coupon applicable on the cart. 

  1. Woo Discount Rules

Enable this option to make the module work frictionlessly with the Woo Discount Rules Plugin.

If it doesn’t work properly try to enable redirect to the cart page after successful addition option.

Note: If this functionality does not work, try enabling Redirect to the cart page after successful addition option for the Add to cart behaviour feature in WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Product Page.

  1. WooCommerce Points and Rewards

 Enable this option to make the Prices and Currencies by Country module compatible with the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

Advanced Settings #

  • Increase the value of Price filter priority when there is another default method being used for Price Filters but you want to prioritize prices by country.
  • Choose WooCommerce or Booster as your default user IP detection method.
  • Select your preferred method for fetching the price:
    • get_price() – It fetches the active price of the product.
    • wc_get_price_to_display() – It includes or excludes the tax price from the product price on the basis of tax price display settings.
  • If the module has a compatibility issue with another module or plugin in your WooCommerce store, enable the Save Calculated Products Prices settings.
  • Enabling the Save Country Group ID option saves the country groups under several IDs. However, enabling this setting might work incorrectly with enabled “Override Country Options”. So, try disabling this option if that’s the case.

Creating and Configuring Country Groups #

  1. Set the display style for showing the countries (their codes) for selection while you create country groups. Your options are – comma-separated list (refer to this list of country codes to enter the right input), Chosen Select, and Multiselect

Here is how the country group selection options look for different display style selections:

  1. Autogenerate groups for All Countries and Currencies or for the PayPal supported Currencies only. It takes one click to populate multiple countries in the module settings as per your selection.

And when you think you want to create country groups in a different way, click Reset Setting for your module to clear all country groups at once. Doing so will restore the plugin’s default settings for your store.

  1. Specify the total Groups Number of country groups to be created and click on the Save Changes button to load new options as per your input for this field.
  1. For each country group, select countries (one or more) and a currency. If you wish, edit the name of a group (visible to administrators in the store).
  1. Click on the Save Changes button.

Specifying the Exchange Rates Updates Method and Details  #

For each of the country groups (refer to the previous section), you can set an exchange rate value. To begin with, set a method to update these rates. Your options are:

Set the prices on your own if you have selected the manual method for entering the exchange rates. Otherwise, click on the conversion rate calculator buttons placed adjacent to the input fields. This action will fetch the real-time exchange rate for you. 

Note: You may edit Currency Exchange Rates module settings to decide the frequency of fetching the updating exchange rates.

To enable custom quotes for your products for a country group, enable the Make Empty Price option. Doing so will hide prices from the product pages in your WooCommerce store.

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