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WooCommerce All Currencies

Overview #

WooCommerce default currency settings may or may not have your currency enlisted. Additionally, if you want to use your in-store digital coins, custom currencies of any sort, or cryptocurrencies in your store, there is no chance that you could use it without a plugin.

WooCommerce All Currencies module in the Booster for WooCommerce plugin (version 2.4.2+) can help you add any kind of existing (or non-existing) currencies and cryptocurrencies to your store. The (custom) currencies can be activated for your products and the exchange rates settings can also be configured for them.

Besides the special ‘custom’ currency functionality, the module lets you add 159+ currencies with their name, symbol, and icon to your website’s frontend. These are the currencies unavailable in the default WooCommerce currency list. 

All Currencies module is WPML-compatible and won’t trouble you during the configuration phase (or after that). Start using this most comprehensive currency and cryptocurrency WooCommerce plugin module today!


  • Add your or buyers’ country’s currencies if missing from your WooCommerce settings;
  • Use cryptocurrencies for selling through WooCommerce;
  • Let buyers make purchases with your store’s own currency, e.g. loyalty coins;
  • Edit currency codes as per how you want to display them in your store;
  • Add custom currencies for WooCommerce.

Shortcode to Show Currency Details in your Store using the WooCommerce All Currencies module: 

[wcj_wpml lang=”EN”]$[/wcj_wpml][wcj_wpml not_lang="EN"]USD[/wcj_wpml]

How to Enable WooCommerce All Currencies settings? #

  1. Sign in to your WooCommerce shop’s administrator dashboard.
  2. Install Booster on your store and activate the plugin, if you do not have this plugin yet.
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Prices & Currencies.
  4. Go to the settings of the Currencies module.
  1. Select the Enable Module checkbox for the Currencies option in the Currencies Module Options section.

How to Hide Currency Symbol in WooCommerce? #

Do not want to show the currency symbol in your WooCommerce store?

  • Just check the Hide value for the Hide Currency Symbol option in the Currency Symbol Options section.
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

Currencies by Country #

The WooCommerce All Currencies module comprises a whole long list of 159+ currencies, enlisted with their names, symbols, and icons. So, in case WooCommerce does not have your country or region’s currency, enabling this plugin will let you use that currency for your shop without doing anything extra.

Note: You can edit the currency code if you want to display a different character combination for a currency.

Cryptocurrencies for WooCommerce #

For the stores that allow cryptocurrencies for making purchases in their store, WooCommerce All Currencies module already has various standard cryptocurrencies (30 at present) recorded with their symbols. So, with it, you can let your customers buy using cryptocurrency in no time.

Adding Custom Currencies to WooCommerce #

Did not find your currency in the currency or cryptocurrency list in the All Currencies module’s settings? No worries. You can always introduce your own currencies in your online shop using the Custom Currencies functionality.

The steps are as under:

  1. Scroll down to the section where currency and cryptocurrency lists end. You will see a section named Custom Currencies. 
  2. Enter a value for the Total Custom Currencies field in the given box and click on the Save Changes button.
  1. See the options listed for your custom currencies and for each currency, set a Currency Name, Currency Code, and Currency Symbol. Here, the currency symbol is an optional field.

Reset your Custom Settings for Currencies #

Want to roll back your custom currency settings and use the original All Currencies module settings again? Click on the Reset Settings button and module’s default settings will be restored.

Frontend Preview:

Currencies and Cryptocurrencies that are Already Enlisted in the All Currencies Module Settings #


  1. United Arab Emirates dirham [AED]
  2. Afghan afghani [AFN]
  3. Albanian lek [ALL]
  4. Armenian dram [AMD]
  5. Netherlands Antillean guilder [ANG]
  6. Angolan kwanza [AOA]
  7. Argentine peso [ARS]
  8. Australian dollar [AUD]
  9. Aruban florin [AWG]
  10. Azerbaijani manat [AZN]
  11. Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark [BAM]
  12. Barbadian dollar [BBD]
  13. Bangladeshi taka [BDT]
  14. Bulgarian lev [BGN]
  15. Bahraini dinar [BHD]
  16. Burundian franc [BIF]
  17. Bermudian dollar [BMD]
  18. Brunei dollar [BND]
  19. Bolivian boliviano [BOB]
  20. Brazilian real [BRL]
  21. Bahamian dollar [BSD]
  22. Bitcoin [BTC]
  23. Bhutanese ngultrum [BTN]
  24. Botswana pula [BWP]
  25. Belarusian ruble (old) [BYR]
  26. Belarusian ruble [BYN]
  27. Belize dollar [BZD]
  28. Canadian dollar [CAD]
  29. Congolese franc [CDF]
  30. Swiss franc [CHF]
  31. Chilean peso [CLP]
  32. Chinese yuan [CNY]
  33. Colombian peso [COP]
  34. Costa Rican colón [CRC]
  35. Cuban convertible peso [CUC]
  36. Cuban peso [CUP]
  37. Cape Verdean escudo [CVE]
  38. Czech koruna [CZK]
  39. Djiboutian franc [DJF]
  40. Danish krone [DKK]
  41. Dominican peso [DOP]
  42. Algerian dinar [DZD]
  43. Egyptian pound [EGP]
  44. Eritrean nakfa [ERN]
  45. Ethiopian birr [ETB]
  46. Euro [EUR]
  47. Fijian dollar [FJD]
  48. Falkland Islands pound [FKP]
  49. Pound sterling [GBP]
  50. United Kingdom (UK)
  51. Georgian lari [GEL]
  52. Guernsey pound [GGP]
  53. Ghana cedi [GHS]
  54. Gibraltar pound [GIP]
  55. Gambian dalasi [GMD]
  56. Guinean franc [GNF]
  57. Guatemalan quetzal [GTQ]
  58. Guyanese dollar [GYD]
  59. Hong Kong dollar [HKD]
  60. Honduran lempira [HNL]
  61. Croatian kuna [HRK]
  62. Haitian gourde [HTG]
  63. Hungarian forint [HUF]
  64. Indonesian rupiah [IDR]
  65. Israeli new shekel [ILS]
  66. Manx pound [IMP]
  67. Indian rupee [INR]
  68. Iraqi dinar [IQD]
  69. Iranian rial [IRR]
  70. Iranian toman [IRT]
  71. Icelandic króna [ISK]
  72. Jersey pound [JEP]
  73. Jamaican dollar [JMD]
  74. Jordanian dinar [JOD]
  75. Japanese yen [JPY]
  76. Kenyan shilling [KES]
  77. Kyrgyzstani som [KGS]
  78. Cambodian riel [KHR]
  79. Comorian franc [KMF]
  80. North Korean won [KPW]
  81. South Korean won [KRW]
  82. Kuwaiti dinar [KWD]
  83. Cayman Islands dollar [KYD]
  84. Kazakhstani tenge [KZT]
  85. Lao kip [LAK]
  86. Lebanese pound [LBP]
  87. Sri Lankan rupee [LKR]
  88. Liberian dollar [LRD]
  89. Lesotho loti [LSL]
  90. Libyan dinar [LYD]
  91. Moroccan dirham [MAD]
  92. Moldovan leu [MDL]
  93. Malagasy ariary [MGA]
  94. Macedonian denar [MKD]
  95. Burmese kyat [MMK]
  96. Mongolian tögrög [MNT]
  97. Macanese pataca [MOP]
  98. Mauritanian ouguiya [MRU]
  99. Mauritian rupee [MUR]
  100. Maldivian rufiyaa [MVR]
  101. Malawian kwacha [MWK]
  102. Mexican peso [MXN]
  103. Malaysian ringgit [MYR]
  104. Mozambican metical [MZN]
  105. Namibian dollar [NAD]
  106. Nigerian naira [NGN]
  107. Nicaraguan córdoba [NIO]
  108. Norwegian krone [NOK]
  109. Nepalese rupee [NPR]
  110. New Zealand dollar [NZD]
  111. Omani rial [OMR]
  112. Panamanian balboa [PAB]
  113. Sol [PEN]
  114. Papua New Guinean kina [PGK]
  115. Philippine peso [PHP]
  116. Pakistani rupee [PKR]
  117. Polish złoty [PLN]
  118. Transnistrian ruble [PRB]
  119. Paraguayan guaraní [PYG]
  120. Qatari riyal [QAR]
  121. Romanian leu [RON]
  122. Serbian dinar [RSD]
  123. Russian ruble [RUB]
  124. Rwandan franc [RWF]
  125. Saudi riyal [SAR]
  126. Solomon Islands dollar [SBD]
  127. Seychellois rupee [SCR]
  128. Sudanese pound [SDG]
  129. Swedish krona [SEK]
  130. Singapore dollar [SGD]
  131. Saint Helena pound [SHP]
  132. Sierra Leonean leone [SLL]
  133. Somali shilling [SOS]
  134. Surinamese dollar [SRD]
  135. South Sudanese pound [SSP]
  136. São Tomé and Príncipe dobra [STN]
  137. Syrian pound [SYP]
  138. Swazi lilangeni [SZL]
  139. Thai baht [THB]
  140. Tajikistani somoni [TJS]
  141. Turkmenistan manat [TMT]
  142. Tunisian dinar [TND]
  143. Tongan paʻanga [TOP]
  144. Turkish lira [TRY]
  145. Trinidad and Tobago dollar [TTD]
  146. New Taiwan dollar [TWD]
  147. Tanzanian shilling [TZS]
  148. Ukrainian hryvnia [UAH]
  149. Ugandan shilling [UGX]
  150. United States (US) dollar [USD]
  151. Uruguayan peso [UYU]
  152. Uzbekistani som [UZS]
  153. Venezuelan bolívar [VEF]
  154. Bolívar soberano [VES]
  155. Vietnamese đồng [VND]
  156. Vanuatu vatu [VUV]
  157. Samoan tālā [WST]
  158. Central African CFA franc [XAF]
  159. East Caribbean dollar [XCD]
  160. West African CFA franc [XOF]
  161. CFP franc [XPF]
  162. Yemeni rial [YER]
  163. South African rand [ZAR]
  164. Zambian kwacha [ZMW]


  1. Auroracoin [AUR]
  2. BitConnect [BCC]
  3. Bitcoin Cash [BCH]
  4. Coinye [KOI]
  5. DigitalNote [XDN]
  6. Emercoin [EMC]
  7. Ethereum Classic [ETC]
  8. Ethereum [ETH]
  9. Freemasoncoin [FMC]
  10. Gridcoin [GRC]
  11. IOTA [IOT]
  12. Litecoin [LTC]
  13. MazaCoin [MZC]
  14. Monero [XMR]
  15. Namecoin [NMC]
  16. NEM [XEM]
  17. Nxt [NXT]
  18. Omni [MSC]
  19. Peercoin [PPC]
  20. PotCoin [POT]
  21. Primecoin [XPM]
  22. Ripple [XRP]
  23. SixEleven [SIL]
  24. Synereo AMP [AMP]
  25. Titcoin [TIT]
  26. Ubiq [UBQ]
  27. Vertcoin [VTC]
  28. Zcash [ZEC]
  29. Special Drawing Rights [XDR]
  30. myCred [MYC]

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