Subscription Customization


WooCommerce core functionality lets you enable basic subscription settings for store-wide subscriptions, but when you are selling a variety of goods belonging to diverse categories, it is certainly not enough. With the Subscription Customization Plugin, you can enable a powerful mechanism to create subscriptions and understand unsubscriptions in your store.

This plugin is Exclusive to Booster Elite and Agency Bundles.


Key Features

Sell your products on a subscription and lifetime basis
• Enable daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly per-product subscriptions
• Enable product-specific subscriptions per 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th day/week/month/year.
• Set expiry duration for your per-product subscriptions
Create product bundles (with selected or all products) for your subscriptions
Ask the reason for subscription cancellation when someone opts out.
• Create multiple subscription options per product differing by cost, renewal & expiry.
• Let people change the upcoming payment’s date as per their convenience
• Edit Payment Date Change Email template (for admin and for subscriber)
• Edit subscription email sender name and e-mail ID

Enable Subscription Customization for WooCommerce

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Doing so is a super-easy job when you have the subscription customization plugin with an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide for every plugin feature with screenshots. To move ahead with no confusion, learn how to activate and use this plugin here.

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Why Customize WooCommerce Subscriptions Functionality?

We will give you 4 unignorable reasons for this. Think about these:

1. To Collect Unsubscribers’ Feedback

The plugin lets you add a questionnaire for unsubscribes in your eCommerce store. In this, add a list of reasons and/or enable a text box to let buyers tell them their own reason for unsubscriptions.

Not only it make your subscribers feel ‘heard’, but gives you an idea about how to avoid unsubscriptions and engage more subscribers. Eventually, a careful study of received feedback can boost your revenue and satisfy your subscribers.

2. To Sell Subscriptions for Product Bundles

If you want to sell a few products as a part of an existing/active subscription, the Subscription Customization plugin will help you in that. It can enable meta-boxes in product pages and let you add/skip store products as per your preference.

3. To enable per-product subscriptions

Using the Subscription Customization plugin, WooCommerce Store owners can sell their normal products on subscription. This subscription, except for the life-time (one-time billing) subscription, can be renewed every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th day, week, month, or year.

Product subscription can reduce your sales efforts, create a stream of regular/recurring income, and help you retain buyers. You can create one or multiple subscription options for your products as per their nature and utility. It is great for digital products/good too.

4. To let buyers change the next payment date

Giving the convenience to do a slight variation in the next payment date can retain your buyers, so why not try once? The Subscription customization plugin lets you enable an option to change the upcoming subscription date in your buyers’ dashboard.

Subscription Customization Plugin at work

1. Subscription Cancellation

This feature enables you to show a cancellation questionnaire to your subscribers when they opt out of a subscription. You can add a questionnaire title, options (reasons), and the text field to let the subscriber specify a custom reason.

Subscription Cancellation


2. Add Products to an Existing Subscription

Use this feature to add all your products or a few selective products in the subscription. For selective products, you must select the per-product checkbox. Add products to the subscription bundle using the meta-boxes on your products pages.

Existing Subscription


3. Subscription Addon

Enable the Subscription addon to enable this Subscription Customization feature for your product edit pages. It will let you create one or multiple subscription options with varying expiry date, different cost and distinct renewal durations.

Subscription Addon

Subscription Addon2


4. Subscription Editing : Change Next Payment Date

Let your store subscribers change their upcoming payment’s date if required. It will change the payment cycle too, making things a bit flexible for the buyer. The plugin also lets you modify the email templates related to this feature.

Next Payment Date


5. General Options

Subscription Customization Plugin’s general option section allows store owners to specify the sender’s name and sender’s email address for the emails related to subscriptions configured using this WooCommerce plugin by Booster.



Are there any prerequisites/dependencies to using the Subscription Customization Plugin?

Yes. you need 2 plugins to get started with WooCommerce Subscription Customization. One is WooCommerce Subscriptions, and another is Booster for WooCommerce. As your site has subscription functionality already, you might be using the Subscriptions plugin already. And as Booster is the best WooCommerce plugin bundle with 110+ WooCommerce features, it will be a good deal too.

How can I make my subscribers leave feedback in case they want to unsubscribe?

You can install the Subscription Customization plugin on your WooCommerce store to do so. For this, you must enable Booster for WooCommerce for your online store. Not just the subscription cancellation questionnaire but you will be able to use multiple WooCommerce-specific basic and advanced features using this plugin.

Can I add some particular products to a WooCommerce Subscription I have created?

Yes. You can easily do so with the help of WooCommerce Subscription Customization Plugin – Booster. This plugin gives you the option to add all products or selected products to your existing subscriptions. Upon selecting the per-product option, it will add a meta-box on each product’s edit page. Using these meta-boxes, you may specify if you want to add a product to the existing subscription or not.

How to add all products to a WooCommerce Subscription in my Store?

Use the Subscription Customization plugin for this. In the Add Products to an Existing Subscription section of the plugin dashboard, select Enable All Product option. All the products in your store will be made available through an existing subscription to your customers, thereafter.

How to Enable my Store Subscribers to buy a product on a weekly or monthly subscription?

Once you will install the WooCommerce Subscription Customization plugin on your store, you will have an option to enable the Subscription Addon. Upon activation, this addon adds a meta-box to all your product’s edit pages. Using the meta-box, you can convert your WooCommerce products into subscription-based products. From multiple subscription methods to different cost/validity/renewal, everything can be configured for each of your products through this meta-box.Subscription Editing : Change Next Payment Date

How to let my customers select their preferred next payment date in WooCommerce?

You can do it by using the Subscription Editing feature from the Subscription Customization WooCommerce plugin’s dashboard. Not only does it let you enable the Change Next Payment Date option for subscriptions, but create/edit the (admin and customer) email templates.

Transform your Store with Empowered Subscription features & much more.

The Subscription Customization plugin is the easiest way to enable product subscriptions in your store. It lets you receive reasons for unsubscribing, create product bundles for subscribers, and set the renewal frequency per (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) day, week, month, and year.

This plugin is a part of Booster’s big bundle of 110+ WooCommerce plugins, with even more fascinating functionalities that your store needs. Get the Booster for WooCommerce plugin and you won’t need another extension for WooCommerce, thereafter.

Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Subscriptions > Subscription Customization
Tested on WooCommerce 9.0.0 and WordPress 6.5.4