One Page Checkout


One Page checkout enables the following benefits

  • It shortens the purchase funnel.
  • It’s convenient for shoppers and improves the customers’ shopping experience.
  • It saves time.
  • It reduces cart abandonment.

Booster One Page Checkout Module makes it possible to turn any page into a checkout page. It also makes it easier for your customers to buy from these custom checkout pages by displaying both product selection and checkout forms on a single page.

Customers can add or remove products from their cart and complete payment without leaving the page and waiting for a new page to load.

Checkout fields can also be displayed on a single product’s page, or you can add the field to custom landing pages for unique promotions. It’s easy to create a single page checkout, and once you do, it’s even easier for your customers to purchase the products on that page.

You can set it globally or per product wise using the shortcode feature. Just create a page and use the given shortcodes, set parameters in shortcode like product id etc.

Picture1 5


Woocommerce one-page checkout

If you did not set product_ids, then it will get Global Product IDs selected in the Products option.
Default: 0
Use this shortcode for global product

Paste the shortcode on any page and you will see the selected product on one-page checkout section [wcj_one_page_checkout]

Picture3 2


Frontend looks like this

Global Onepace Chekout Frontent


You can use the following shortcode and create one page checkout for those specific product/s

Paste the shortcode on any page and change the product id to match your store’s ids [wcj_one_page_checkout product_ids = “1,2,3”]


Product edit page

Onepage Per Product Backend



Picture2 3


Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Cart & Checkout > One Page Checkout
Tested on WooCommerce 9.0.0 and WordPress 6.5.4