Are you spending too much time on WordPress maintenance and support?

You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all the technical issues, updates, and backups that
need to be done regularly.

Ignoring maintenance can lead to slow site speed, broken links, and security vulnerabilities,
resulting in lost revenue and customers.

You’re not meant to be a tech expert, you’re meant to be an entrepreneur.

Shouldn’t it be easy to get reliable support and maintenance for your WooCommerce site?

Are you constantly chasing down your developer for updates and fixes?

You’re feeling stressed and anxious while waiting for days or even weeks for a response.

This can be frustrating, leaving you with little control and a lot of uncertainty.

The cost of the delays and interruptions to your business can be substantial.

Shouldn’t it be easy to get reliable support for your WooCommerce site?

Are you losing potential customers due to the slow load times and poor user experience of your website?

You are feeling overwhelmed and stressed as you’re aware that a fast and user-friendly website is essential for your business’s success.

Your current process of optimizing it yourself is consuming too much time, proving to be frustrating, and failing to yield the desired results.

This extra work is taking up valuable time and causing you to miss out on potential revenue.

Shouldn’t you be focusing on growing your business instead of spending valuable time optimizing your website’s speed and performance?

Introducing WPWooCare

The Stress-Free Solution to WooCommerce Maintenance and Support


Comprehensive Maintenance and Optimization

Ensures your site runs at lightning-fast speed, maximum security, and top-notch performance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Reduce downtime and increase uptime
  • Protect your investment with regular backups and updates
  • Peace of mind knowing your site is in expert hands.

Reliable and Responsive Support

Get peace of mind with our dedicated WooCommerce maintenance team always available to assist with any issues that may arise.

  • Say goodbye to unreliable developers and never be ghosted again
  • Get quick and efficient solutions for any site-related issues
  • Experience responsive and personalized service from a team of experts.

Speed Optimization

Our expert team will analyze your site’s speed, identify potential issues, and implement solutions to help your site perform at its best.

  • Improved user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Faster page load times leading to increased conversions
  • Reduced bounce rates and increased time on site


What is WPWooCare and how does it help with WooCommerce maintenance?

WPWooCare is an all-in-one WordPress maintenance solution designed to keep your WooCommerce
store in
top shape. Our expert team offers comprehensive maintenance and optimization services to
ensure your site runs at lightning-fast speed with maximum security and top-notch

Why is ongoing WooCommerce site maintenance important for my business?

WooCommerce site maintenance is important for your business because it helps maintain optimal
performance, security, and functionality. Neglecting site maintenance can lead to slower
site speed, broken links, security vulnerabilities, and more, which can cause lost sales and
damage to your reputation.

How is WPWooCare different from other WordPress/WooCommerce maintenance services?

WPWooCare is different from other WooCommerce maintenance services because we specialize in
WooCommerce and have over 9 years of experience developing top-rated plugins for
WooCommerce. Our
dedicated team offers comprehensive maintenance and optimization services, reliable and

What is WPWooCare’s service level agreement (SLA) for resolving tickets?

  • At WPWooCare, we don’t have a formal SLA, but our goal is to resolve tickets promptly.
  • For business-critical issues, we aim for immediate attention, high priority issues
    within 12-48 hours, and low or medium priority issues within 1-4 days.
  • Site optimization generally takes 2-5 days, and performance tune-up may take 3-7 days.
  • Although these are our target timeframes, we may need more time to resolve certain
    especially during times of high ticket volume.
  • However, we strive to provide quick and efficient support to our clients.

Do I have to change web hosting providers?

  • You’re not required to switch your web hosting provider, but we strongly advise using
    one of
    our preferred hosting partners to ensure dependable and high-quality service. We offer
    low, medium, and high-cost hosting options and can assist you in selecting the one that
    fits your business needs. Additionally, we’ll provide a signup link for your
  • Please be aware that if your current hosting provider doesn’t support our recommended
    options or satisfy our minimum hosting requirements, you may not be eligible to receive
    all the
    benefits of our service.

How does WPWooCare handle refunds, cancellations?

  • Due to the extensive work we put in during the onboarding process, we require a minimum
    commitment from our clients.
  • If you are on monthly subscription plan, cancellations can be made after the initial
    commitment period. We don’t offer pro-rated refunds for monthly subscriptions.
  • If you have subscribed to an annual plan and wish to cancel after the initial 3-month
    commitment period, we will charge you only for the months you’ve used (at our full
    monthly care plan rate) and refund the remainder of your paid amount.
  • You do have the option to move a yearly website management subscription to another
    so that might be a good alternative to cancelling entirely.

How can I contact WPWooCare’s tech support team?

Our team is available to assist you through our support portal. We believe that having all
communication in writing helps us provide better service, with less chance of
While we do not offer phone support, we prioritize quick, efficient, and professional
responses to
all support inquiries.

100% Secure And Reliable Service
100% Secure And Reliable Service
Regular Site Backups To Protect Your Data

Regular Site Backups To Protect Your Data
Expert Help for Any WooCommerce Issue
Expert Help for Any WooCommerce Issue