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    I have now been testng ofr hours, i have updated all plugins in woocommerce and still cannoit get native coupons in booster to work it seems that the currency switcher is not properly calculating the coupon prices based on currency.

    When I test on my site using test coupon code: t50
    when i enter ‘t50’ during checkout, it is setup as a simple FIXED CART DISCOUNT, with value of 50. there are no other plugins affecting this.

    In AUD -> the shops default currency, it correctly takes 50$ off at checkout.
    in USD -> the shop converts the price of the coupon to USD 72$ for some strange reason.

    THe actual product pricing calculations work fine however, so this is very strange. Only the COUPON calculatons dont work. 50AUD in USD should equal approx 36USD (rounded up to nearest whole dollar). As such the calculation is completely wrong, the other currencies are also wrong but i cant seem to work out how or why.

    Please advise how I can fix this issue, as we cannot use woo native fixed priced coupons in woocommerce at the moment due to this issue. Again, just confirming we have no other coupon modifying plugins operational when this happens. And are just using multi currency switcher with various currencies.



    We’ve responded to your previous email, could you check that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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