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    We don’t even use the PDF invoices, or anything else (to my knowledge) that takes advantage of your fonts… so, can I ask why it is that every one of our sites/subsites runs a cron event to download fonts every hour?

    For 1, this is a multisite environment. A single event (or dayly/weekly/monthly) and only activated when required by a Booster feature would suffice… so why run that hook every hour? (ie: can you PLEASE make your plugin MultiSite compliant, and not stop short at makeing it WPMU compatible? …please?)

    For 2, for not only us, but for ANY of your customers… this is a real issue! Most users don’t even know how crons work, what they’re for, or that they’re even running in the background. Most of your users/customers are also probably using shared hosting, that’s already putting a limit on the amount of resources that they’re able to take advantage of.

    Are fonts more important than the daily cron used for wcj_check_site_key? Does wcj_check_site_key really have to be checked dayly across each and ever subsite? How about on the primary MU site, so it doesn’t run it for each and every site (and so we don’t have to make a new key for each and every subsite too! 😉)

    …any input would be VERY appreciated 😃



    I wanted to raise such a related question *some day* but I had more pressing items to deal with in my business!

    Hopefully, Booster Team can help with such things where we do not need to tinker below the hood – the precise reason we have purchased this plugin in the first place!


    Rony P

    Hello Guys,

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

    We had already given try for some features on the WordPress network-based multisite.
    Some of them are working fine as the network is creating different instances for all network sites.
    I have no idea about WPMU but will try to fetch the plugin and if possible I will make the required changes.
    Regarding cons, Adding these requests to my to-do list and find a solution so that our plugin can be used at minimum server resources and we can also decrease cron frequency.

    Thank you again.

    Kind Regards,
    Rony P – Support Team


    thank you Rony! I’ve submitted these requests several times, over the course of several years. it feels validating to finally have these items be recognized.

    I must say that waaaaay back when, the Booster team seemed very responsive to ideas and suggestions, and implementing some of these tweaks and ideas into future releases. I cannot say that the recent response from the Booster team has been very rewarding. As in, the response from Booster feels nonexistent these days.

    The plugin is far from perfect, but it does a great job on fill the gaps that the Woo dev team doesn’t have built into their core.

    If you’re going to continue to be a real player in this game, the quality of the product has to continue moving forward as your licensing cost has gone up. …just my .02.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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