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    it is just shows the original product title in the email, but without the addon option which customer has selected,
    it shows on the order page, but without in Email, wish update it.

    Rony P


    What type of product add-on you have configured? It should show on email. Can you please share some screenshots of your configurations and emails so that I can get a clear view?

    Kind Regards


    it is the all products add-on. but sorry, i am still testing it, seems not compital with the NP quote plugin.
    however when I test it on a new website (without the NP quote),
    there is another problem, it is about the customized gateway;

    I set the default order status to “on hold”, it is should like the “Direct bank transfer” just get an email from “on hold” status, right?
    But I got 2 emails, one from “on hold” status, another from “processing” status, and I check the order staus from back end, it is “on hold”, it is right, but I do not knwo why there is an Email from “processing”; in my plan, the processing status should be next step.

    ok, it is looks mess, forgive me, I will share a account of my website to you if you could kindly help me check the problem.
    I know my support time expired, I should report this in last month. anyway, it is depends on you.
    merry christmas!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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