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    I am using Booster to have multiple currencies per product. Users by choosing countries can have different rates per product!

    But I have an issue! I use WP all import plugins to update my prices/stock number from FTP (XML file generated by ERP)! Booster for saving Multiple currencies for each product uses custom fields! When I attempt the import process to update the variable product ( except for the default variation one), the price (custom fields) are being removed. So I need to change on XML file again and do the import to update the products info!

    I’ve noticed it happens when Wocomerce Multilanugal Plugin is activated! But WPML support told me I have to check with booster support!

    Any idea?!

    Rony P


    Apologies for this but we are not able to support fully WPML instances.

    Our plugin is not fully compatible with WPML. Actually, WPML creates different instances of page/post/product and settings. The booster will save settings in a single option that’s why you are facing this issue.

    As we have described in our document we have basic support for WPML.

    But there is one possibility for the fix.

    Maybe the issue will resolve by setting the custom_field_* field to “Copy” in WPML’s “Multilingual Content Setup” located in the product. This copies all these settings from the original product language to the translated products.

    You can try this.

    Booster.io – Support Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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