Booster Plus for WooCommerce

Unlock 132 More Features and Supercharge Your WooCommerce Store

If you’re looking to gain a lot more control over your WooCommerce business with an all-in-one plugin, you’ll want to upgrade to Booster Plus. The power to enable only the extra features you need makes customizing your site a breeze.

Our happy clients love the Booster Plus plugin because it has an amazing amount of incredible features, is super easy to set up and use, and helps provide a better user experience for their customers.

Upgrade today to unlock these popular premium features:

  • PDF Invoices: Add the ability to create proforma invoices,credit notes and packing slips.
  • Empty Cart: Add customized empty cart button text and different button positions on cart page.
  • Cart and checkout: Add multiple custom fields/info blocks, customizable empty cart button, wishlist and file uploads.
  • Mini Cart : Add more customized information blocks to the widget and choose where to place it.
  • Prices and Currencies: Add unlimited number of currencies, price formats, and automatic currency switcher.
  • Export options: Add more fields when exporting orders, customers and products.
  • Add to Cart: Add customized messages, button labels, and multiple category groups.
  • Payments and Shipping: Add payment gateways by geography or min/max, and customizable shipping methods.

Licenses start at just $49.00 per year, making Booster Plus for WooCommerce the best bang for your buck. And we’re so confident you’re going to love your upgrade, we offer a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee!

Take a look at this comparison chart of Booster free vs Booster Plus to see the full extent of what you’ll get with the upgrade:


Button & Price Labels

Add to Cart LabelsLimitedcheck
Per categorySingle group onlycheck
Per productcheckcheck
Per product typecheckcheck
Call for PriceLimitedcheck
"Call for Price" productsDefault text onlycheck
Make all products "Call for Price"checkcheck
Custom Price LabelsLimitedcheck
GloballyAfter the price onlycheck
Per productInstead of the price onlycheck
More Button Labelscheckcheck
"Place order" buttoncheckcheck

Cart & Checkout

Cart custom info blocksSingle info block onlycheck
Cart items table custom infocheckcheck
Checkout Core Fieldscheckcheck
Checkout core fieldscheckcheck
Checkout Custom FieldsLimitedcheck
Checkout custom fieldsSingle field onlycheck
Checkout Custom InfoLimitedcheck
Checkout custom info blocksSingle info block onlycheck
Checkout Files UploadLimitedcheck
Checkout files uploadSingle file onlycheck
Frequently Bought TogetherNocheck
One Page CheckoutNocheck
Empty Cart ButtonLimitedcheck
Empty cart buttonDefault text and position onlycheck
Mini CartLimitedcheck
Mini cart custom info blocksSingle info block onlycheck

Emails & Misc.

Admin Barcheckcheck
Standard WooCommerce admin barcheckcheck
Booster for WooCommerce admin barcheckcheck
Admin Toolscheckcheck
Admin toolscheckcheck
General Toolscheckcheck
General toolscheckcheck
Custom EmailsSingle email template onlycheck
Email Forwardingcheckcheck
EU VAT NumberLimitedcheck
EU VAT NumberExcept preserve VAT in base country and check IP for locationcheck
Export ToolsLimitedcheck
Export customerscheckcheck
Export orderscheckcheck
Export productsSingle additional field onlycheck
Product XML FeedLimitedcheck
Product XML feedSingle XML file onlycheck
Old Slugscheckcheck
Remove old slugscheckcheck
Additional reportscheckcheck

Orders & Shipping

Address Formatscheckcheck
Address formats by countrycheckcheck
Custom Order NumbersLimitedcheck
Sequential order numberscheckcheck
Custom prefixcheckcheck
Custom date prefixNocheck
Custom widthNocheck
Custom suffixNocheck
Custom date suffixNocheck
Order Custom Statusescheckcheck
Add/remove custom statusescheckcheck
Edit custom statusesNocheck
Set icon and colorcheckcheck
Set default order statuscheckcheck
Add to admin order bulk actionscheckcheck
Add to admin reportscheckcheck
Make custom status orders editableNocheck
Add custom statuses to admin order list action buttonsNocheck
Order Min/Max QuantitiesLimitedcheck
Minimum/Maximum cart total quantitycheckcheck
Minimum/Maximum per item quantityNocheck
Order Minimum AmountLimitedcheck
Order minimum amountDefault user messages onlycheck
Order minimum amount by user roleGuest, administrator and customer roles onlycheck
Admin order currencycheckcheck
Orders auto-completecheckcheck
Admin orders list custom columnsSingle column onlycheck
Admin orders list multiple statuscheckcheck
Admin orders list columns ordercheckcheck
Custom shipping with zonescheckcheck
Custom shipping (legacy)Single method onlycheck
Hide other shipping if free is availablecheckcheck
Left to free shipping (cart, mini cart, checkout)Cart onlycheck
Shipping descriptionscheckcheck
Shipping iconscheckcheck
Shipping CalculatorLimitedcheck
Enable city, postcode, state etc.checkcheck
Shipping Methods by ProductsLimitedcheck
Shipping Methods by ProductsLocal Pickup and Flat Rate methods onlycheck
Shipping Methods by Product CategoriesLocal Pickup and Flat Rate methods onlycheck
Shipping Methods by Product TagsLocal Pickup and Flat Rate methods onlycheck
Shipping Methods by UsersLimitedcheck
Shipping Methods by User RoleLocal Pickup and Flat Rate methods onlycheck
Shipping Methods by User Membership PlansLocal Pickup and Flat Rate methods onlycheck

Payment Gateways

Custom Payment GatewaysLimitedcheck
Custom payment gatewaysSingle gateway only; no minimum order amountcheck
Payment Gateways by Country or StateLimitedcheck
Payment gateways by country or stateBACS gateway onlycheck
Payment Gateways by User RoleLimitedcheck
Payment gateways by user roleBACS gateway onlycheck
Payment Gateways CurrencyLimitedcheck
Payment gateways currencyManual exchange rates onlycheck
Payment Gateways Fees and Discountscheckcheck
Payment gateways fees and discountscheckcheck
Payment Gateways IconsLimitedcheck
Payment gateways iconsExcept custom payment gatewayscheck
Payment Gateways Min/MaxLimitedcheck
Payment gateways min/maxBACS gateway onlycheck
Payment Gateways per Product or CategoryLimitedcheck
Payment gateways per product or categoryCategories onlycheck

PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips

PDF Invoicing & Packing SlipsLimitedcheck
PDF InvoicingInvoices only; default footer and font onlycheck
Include Paid Stamp in your invoiceNocheck
Display product image on invoiceNocheck
Display product addons on invoiceNocheck
Display product input fields on invoiceNocheck
Display checkout custom fields on invoiceNocheck
Display WooCommerce order’s meta invoiceNocheck
Display WooCommerce subscription order details on invoiceNocheck

Prices & Currencies

All CurrenciesLimitedcheck
World currenciescheckcheck
Set currency symbolNocheck
Custom currenciesSingle currency onlycheck
Bulk Price ConverterLimitedcheck
Bulk price converterExcept 'pretty prices'check
Currency Exchange Ratescheckcheck
Currency exchange ratescheckcheck
Currency for External Productscheckcheck
Currency for external productscheckcheck
Currency per ProductLimitedcheck
Currency per productManual exchange rates and single currency onlycheck
Multicurrency (Currency Switcher)Limitedcheck
Currency switcherManual exchange rates and two currencies onlycheck
Multicurrency Product Base PriceLimitedcheck
Multicurrency product base priceManual exchange rates and single currency onlycheck
Price by User RoleLimitedcheck
Per product settingsSingle product onlycheck
Price FormatsLimitedcheck
Price FormatsSingle currency onlycheck
Prices and Currencies by CountryLimitedcheck
Prices and currencies by countryManual exchange rates and single country group onlycheck
Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price)Limitedcheck
Product open pricing (name your price)Single product onlycheck
Product Price by FormulaLimitedcheck
Product price by formulaSingle product onlycheck
Shop Global DiscountLimitedcheck
Shop global discountSingle discount group onlycheck
Wholesale PriceLimitedcheck
Wholesale priceSingle quantity level onlycheck


Product Extra FeesNocheck
Product Extra FeesNocheck
BookingsSingle product onlycheck
Custom Product TabsLimitedcheck
GloballySingle product tab onlycheck
Per productSingle product tab onlycheck
Customize standard product tabsExcept priority (i.e. order)check
Product Add to CartLimitedcheck
Product add to cartExcept radio buttons instead of drop box for variable productscheck
Product AddonsLimitedcheck
GloballySingle addon onlycheck
Per productThree products onlycheck
Product Cost PriceLimitedcheck
Product cost priceSingle additional custom price field onlycheck
Product Imagescheckcheck
Product imagescheckcheck
Product InfoLimitedcheck
Single product pageSingle info block onlycheck
ArchivesSingle info block onlycheck
Product Input FieldsLimitedcheck
GloballySingle input field onlycheck
Per productSingle input field onlycheck
Product ListingsLimitedcheck
Shop page displaycheckcheck
Category displayExcept hide subcategories count on category pagescheck
Products per pageDefault select options onlycheck
TAX displaycheckcheck
Product Visibility by Countrycheckcheck
Product visibility by countrycheckcheck
Product Visibility by User Rolecheckcheck
Product visibility by user rolecheckcheck
Related Productscheckcheck
Related productscheckcheck
SKU generationExcept sequentialcheck
Variable productsSKU same as parent's product onlycheck
Add more sortingExcept sorting SKUs as numbers instead of as textscheck
Remove all sorting (including WooCommerce default)Nocheck
Custom In Stock HTMLcheckcheck
Custom In Stock Classcheckcheck
Custom Out of Stock HTMLcheckcheck
Custom Out of Stockcheckcheck
Custom Stock HTMLNocheck
Remove Stock DisplayNocheck
User ProductsLimitedcheck
User productsExcept image fieldcheck